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Foot Surgery at the West Vancouver Foot Clinic

Operation lamp
Doctor holding hand of patient

We understand that living with foot disorders can be difficult and painful. Foot surgery becomes a consideration when all conservative and non-surgical options are no longer helping to relieve the chronic pain associated with the foot deformity.

Foot deformity and foot structural and soft tissue problems may be a result of congenital disabilities, hereditary, trauma, arthritis, physical stress, improper shoes, and muscle and joint imbalances.

foot clinic
Foot clinic

At the West Vancouver Foot Clinic, we offer a comprehensive consultation process to identify the root cause of the foot problem and provide a targeted patient-specific treatment with the most appropriate foot surgical procedure that will suit your specific and unique needs.

Foot problem
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Various surgical tools neatly arranged on a table.
  • Dr. Mohamed and her dedicated surgical team are committed to providing the best standards of surgical care. 

  • Primarily forefoot surgical procedures are conducted at the outpatient surgical suite at the West Vancouver Foot Clinic with the highest standard of care provided.

Image of a doctor in the process of putting on surgical gloves.
View inside a surgery room where patients are undergoing operations.
Group photo of seven podiatrists, with six in pink surgical suits and one in a blue surgical suit.
Two doctors, one in a blue surgical suit and one in pink, looking at each other and smiling.
A person wearing blue gloves holding a pair of surgical tools.
  • Surgeries are conducted with local anesthesia in a very safe and simple manner.

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  • We provide very meticulous, dedicated, responsible, and careful postoperative management so that each patient is well looked after until full recovery is achieved. This typically involves 3-5 weekly post-operative visits after surgery.

A doctor wearing a pink surgical gown inspecting surgical tools.
  • It is worth noting that podiatric surgeons are thoroughly and specialized in treating foot-specific conditions. 

  • If you are going through any discomfort in your foot, consult our team to make the right decision.

Surgery of foot
Foot surgery

Why Surgery?

Conservative treatment of many foot problems often produces temporary relief from pain. But if the pain persists, surgery is sometimes the more definitive answer to a persistent problem and the best way to prevent more serious conditions from developing. On the other hand, surgery is not always the best approach for all patients.

Private Surgery

Do serious conditions respond well to sterile, office-based, private surgery? The answer is a yes. Some of these serious conditions are:

Arthritis and joint disease

Severe, chronic plantar fasciitis

Ganglion cysts

Neuromas (nerve tumours)

Treat Foot Discomfort

We offer a non-thermal Theralase laser therapy to therapeutically treat foot discomfort.

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