West Vancouver Foot Clinic Designs Custom Orthotics

Orthotics Made by the West Van Foot Clinic

Paragon Labs is the orthotic laboratory used by Dr. Mohamed.

A custom, functional foot orthotic is a shoe insert made from a plaster cast or 3D volumetric scan of your foot that allows your foot to function in its ideal and balanced position. It can treat and prevent many foot conditions and deformities. It is a precise medical device that is custom-made to correct the specific imbalance and abnormal biomechanics into the correct way that the individual should walk. Many different styles and types of orthotics can be designed in order to treat various types of pain, ranging from soft, flexible types of orthotics to very rigid types of orthotics. Rigid orthotics are often used to eliminate pain in the feet, ankles, legs, and back. Semi-rigid orthotics are often used for athletes in training and soft orthotics are used for patients with diabetes.
True custom, functional orthotics can help in the treatment and prevention of many lower-extremity conditions that are a consequence of abnormal foot biomechanics such as back pain, joint pain, capsulitis, hip pain, hammertoes, knee pain, flat feet, high-arched feet, ankle pain, foot pain, arthritis, tendonitis, diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, ulcers, heel pain, tailor’s bunionettes, bursitis, ankle instability, heel spurs, neuromas, in-toed gait, out-toed gait, callosities, corns, metatarsalgia, and many more conditions.
Prescription, customized molded inserts can be transferred from shoe to shoe. They are designed to assist in the correction of biomechanical problems that affect the feet, ankles, knees, back and other structures as we walk, run, or perform other activities. They support the foot and help to restore the proper alignment of the joints and bones within the foot.

Many foot problems can be directly attributed to collapsed or fallen arches or other biomechanical faults such as pronation (rolling in and collapsing of the arches when walking) and supination (rolling outward of the ankles and raising of the arch). These problems can be genetic in origin and most patients do not realize there is a problem until various symptoms begin to appear. These symptoms will generally be manifested and recognized at the first onset of pain.

How is a custom functional orthotic made?

Functional custom orthotics can be made of the foot using the Sharp Shape 3D scanner, where the specialist holds the foot with the subtalar joint (the joint below the ankle that moves the foot in and out) in neutral position and the midtarsal joint (the large middle-of-the-foot joint that allows the foot to adapt to uneven surfaces when barefoot) is locked. This is the position of the foot where all the bones, joint, and muscles of the foot are balanced, and it is the ideal position for walking and running on man-made surfaces. The foot in this position is most efficient and effective in propelling the body forward.

West Vancouver Foot Clinic Uses 3D Foot Scanners to Design Custom Orthotics

In Some Scenarios, the Plaster Casting Technique is Also Utilized

The casts or scans are then sent to Paragon Labs to be made into corrective, functional foot orthotics utilizing laser technology and specialized software programming.

Do extended health insurances cover orthotics?

Most private insurance policies cover functional orthotics prescribed by a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine such as Dr. Mohamed. At the West Vancouver Foot Clinic, all patients will receive a gait or biomechanical analysis, a prescription for custom orthotics, and a letter of necessity. This can all be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement.