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Treating Flat Feet and Children’s Feet in West Vancouver

Painful Progressive Flatfoot, otherwise known as Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis, occurs when the tendon of the tibialis posterior becomes inflamed, stretched or suffers a partial or total tear. If left untreated, this condition may lead to severe disability and chronic pain. Some people are predisposed to this condition if they have flat feet or an abnormal attachment of the tendon to the midfoot bones. Our team is well-known for diagnosing and treating painful progressive flatfoot in West Vancouver Foot Clinic efficiently. Visit West Vancouver Foot Clinic today if you are suffering from such disorders.

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The tibialis posterior muscle begins just below the back of the knee and runs along the back of the leg, and the tendon then passes under the inner aspect of the ankle and attaches at the inside of the midfoot or arch area. The tendon is responsible for helping maintain the arch in the foot while the muscle aids in lifting the heel off the ground when one walks.

Painful Progressive Flat Foot Condition


When the tibialis posterior tendon is inflamed or partially torn, pain is felt from the inside of the ankle to the arch area. With a more severe injury, a swollen or bulbous area along the inside of the ankle may also be felt. If a sudden fall in the arch occurs, this may indicate a complete rupture of the tendon that will produce severe pain and requires immediate attention. The pain is usually worse while walking and especially while rising on the toes. Walking up and down stairs may also be very painful. There is pain and tenderness with palpation along the course of the tibialis posterior tendon at the inside of the hind-foot and ankle area.


A complete history and physical examination must be performed. A radiograph or X-ray will be taken to evaluate any bony problems along the course of the tendon. An MRI may also be indicated to identify the extent and specific location of the damage to the tendon. An effective conservative treatment option for dysfunctional flatfoot in which the inner arch area is very painful when walking is a fully correctional UCBL functional foot orthotic. This product is a custom-made device. In severe cases, where the pain is debilitating and chronic, an excellent treatment modality is the Richie Brace.

Relief From Heel Disorders

We offer reliable medical treatment to relieve you from the pain of heel disorders.

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Pediatric Care for Your Children’s Feet at the West Vancouver Foot Clinic

Many of the foot ailments that we suffer from in adulthood, like other bodily ailments, have their origins in childhood and are present at birth. To minimize these problems in later life, periodic professional attention and regular foot care is recommended. Consultation with a podiatrist will help in resolving these related problems. As a trusted medical centre, West Vancouver Foot Clinic can help with pediatric care for your children’s feet in West Vancouver. Visit our clinic for a consultation today. 

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Your Baby's Feet

The human foot is one of the most complicated parts of the body, with 26 bones that are laced with ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and nerves. The feet of young children are soft and pliable; therefore, abnormal pressure can easily cause deformities. During the first year of life, a child’s feet grow very rapidly, reaching almost half their adult foot size. This is why the first year is considered to be the most important in the development of the feet.

When Your Baby Starts to Walk

It is unwise to force your child to walk. When your child first begins to walk, they need not wear shoes indoors. Allowing your child to go barefoot or to wear socks helps the foot grow normally and develop its musculature and strength and the grasping action of the toes.

As They Grow Up

Although foot problems result mainly from injury, deformity, illness or hereditary factors, improper footwear can aggravate pre-existing conditions. Shoes or other footwear should never be handed down. The feet of young children are often unstable because of muscle problems, which make walking difficult or uncomfortable. A thorough examination by a podiatrist may detect an underlying defect or condition which may require immediate treatment or consultation with another specialist.

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Sports and Your Child

Millions of children participate in individual and team sports. As a parent, you should be concerned about your child's involvement in sports that require a substantial amount of running and turning or involve contact. Protective taping of the ankles is often necessary to prevent sprains or fractures. Sports-related foot and ankle injuries are on the rise as more children actively participate in sports. As parents, you should seek a podiatrist's advice if you have children participating in such activities.

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Joint Stiffness?

 It could be a sign of arthritis. We can help you get relief from the pain and discomfort of arthritis.

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