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Specialty Foot Care Products Available at the West Vancouver Foot Clinic

A wide assortment of medical foot care products such as topical creams and lotions, moisturizing booties, Pedifix digital toe protectors and separators, orthopedic insoles and orthopedic shoes, supportive insoles, compressive stockings etc. all at affordable prices, are available.

Our Products

Our products have proven to be effective for a lot of our patients in the past. We recommend booking a consultation with us first to understand which product will suit you the best. Here is a list of products that we offer at our foot clinic in West Vancouver:

Custom-made Orthotics

We use 3-D laser scanning to capture the precise anatomical alignment of your foot and offer you orthotics specific to your measurements. These orthotics are made on the basis of your gait assessment and the current state of your feet.

Custom made orthotics
Urea Ointments for Deep Exfoliation and Hydration
These creams are specially formulated for daily use. They are used to provide relief to rough, dry, cracked and calloused feet.
Special Creams for Hydration and Moisturization
These creams are specially formulated to improve the appearance of thickened skin and calluses on your feet.
Gehwol Specialty Creams
Formulated for intense hydration for your feet, these specialty creams promote skin peeling and give you a baby soft skin.
Nail Remedies and Treatments
Formulated with biotin, wheat protein, Vitamin C, garlic extract and essential oils, these nail treatments allow water and oxygen to pass through your nails and promote healing.
Moisturizing Socks and Exfoliation Creams
Slather on the moisturizing cream on feet and put on the exfoliation socks. Your feet will instantly be in repair mode while you walk around wearing these socks.
Antifungal Treatments and Deodorizers
These foot powders and deodorizers are formulated to treat any fungal infection on your feet. Use it daily to keep your feet clean and safe from bacteria. These products also help in neutralizing shoe odour.
Antifungal Nail Care and Skin Care Products
Take good care of your nails and skin with these specially formulated products for your feet hygiene.
Topical Creams and Gels for Pain and Inflammation
Topical gels and creams help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
foot cream and formulas
Compressive Sleeves and Stockings for Soft Tissue Injuries and Strains
We offer compressive sleeves and stockings to support weak joints, avoid ankle rolls, prevent lateral sprains and realignment. These are designed for faster recovery, better feel and support for your soft tissues.
Stretching Devices
Our night splint is designed to hold your foot at 90 degrees angle so that you can sleep well. The stretching device works by gently stretching your plantar fascia, Achilles tendon, and calf muscle throughout the night to alleviate pain and discomfort.
socks and sandals
Sandals, Shoes and Insoles
We offer a range of shoes, sandals, and insoles to help you with your foot pain and discomfort. These sandals and shoes are designed with raised toe bar, four arches across the footbed, and deep heel cups for maximum comfort.
sandals and insoles
PinPointe Nail Laser
Our products

Diabetic Care

When you choose us for your diabetic treatment, you get proper medical care under expert guidance.

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