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West Vancouver Foot Clinic Offers Quality Medical Pedicures

Dr. Mohamed and the West Vancouver Foot clinic offer a fabulous medical pedicure service. Patients’ toenails, corns, callosities, hyperkeratotic lesions, warts, dermatitis, wounds, ingrown toenails, damaged and dystrophic toenails, and fungal toenails are all treated in a very pleasant esthetic, yet medical-grade fashion under the careful supervision of Dr. Mohamed. All podiatric surgical care, prescriptions and post-treatment examinations are provided by Dr. Mohamed.

Medical Pedicures for foot and nail

The Following Photos Are an Example of the Nature of Treatments Provided at the West Vancouver Foot Clinic During a Medical Pedicure.

example of the Nature of Treatments
Example of the Nature of Treatments
before and after medical pedicure
Example of the Nature of Treatments

West Vancouver Foot Clinic Also Offers Quality Foot Massages

Products for Foot Care

We offer products to help you with your foot pain and other foot disorders.

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