The Medical and Surgical Treatment of the Foot

The West Vancouver Foot Clinic is your one-stop source for the medical treatment and management of the Foot.

This specialized Podiatric clinic provides all the medical and surgical services, treatments, and products you will need to care for your foot!

Our Podiatrist

Dr. Shenin Mohamed

Foot Surgeon
Podiatric Sports Medicine

Podiatry Services

Custom Orthonics

Foot Surgery

Medical Pedicures

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Clinic Location

Our clinic is located on the North side of Marine Drive, between 18th and 19th Avenue, at street level in the heart of Ambelside, West Vancouver.

Size and Style

The West Vancouver Foot Clinic is a very large and spacious modern facility for the treatment of medical conditions affecting the foot. There are 5 beautiful patient treatment rooms, each equipped with a sink for running water and sterilization and a state-of-the-art Pure Care rehabilitation treatment bed for maximum comfort during the Podiatric medical examination and treatment.

Waiting Area

Reception Desk

Specialty Foot Care Products

Medical Treatment Room

Medical treatments and services are provided in a clean, professional manner.

Sterile Operating Room

The on-site, private, sterile operating room has hospital-grade, seamless sterile flooring and overhead surgical OR lighting. Out-patient, ambulatory day surgery such as:

Bunion surgery
Hammertoe surgery
Neuroma excisions

are conducted in the on-site, private operating room facilities.

Treatment Room

There is an assortment of specialty foot care products that are unique and specific to every patient’s needs and available for purchase.

Browse our products!

The clinic sells quality orthopedic footwear and sandals as well as quality insoles for all ages and shoes styles.